Three-Year Proxy Form

gavelBy signing this three-year proxy, for quorum purposes only, I hereby appoint the PGA WEST Master Association’s Board of Directors as my proxy to attend the Annual Meeting of the PGA WEST Master Association. The proxy also applies for other Master Association Member meetings that may be held.

Signing this proxy allows the Board to represent me for the purpose of establishing a quorum (not for voting) at these meetings, in the same manner and with the same effect as if I were personally present.

This proxy is valid for the three-year period from the date I submit it. The proxy shall continue for the full three years, unless I rescind it by written notice or by my attendance at these meetings.

By signing this proxy, I certify that I am a Member of the PGA WEST Master Association (a homeowner at PGA WEST), and I agree to the terms of the proxy as stated above.


Basic Information

Our online proxy form is made possible by the California Civil Code, Section 5130, which describes allowable methods of proxy assignment. Click here to view the Civil Code.

If you have any questions about our Three-Year Proxy, please contact us.

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