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The Master Association is responsible for seven manned and 6 unmanned entry gates, security within the PGA WEST community, and landscaping of PGA Boulevard and areas along the exterior walls surrounding PGA WEST.

The Master Association consists of all property owners within PGA WEST. Each property owner is a member of the Master Association. The Master Association Board of Directors consists of property owners who have been elected to conduct the day-to-day business of the Master Association and make the decisions that affect all owners.

Every property owner at PGA WEST is a member of the PGA WEST Master Association — and also a member of one of the residential homeowners associations.

The PGA WEST Master Association was created for the purpose of managing common services that encompass the entire community — for example, managing the entry gates into the private residential communities at PGA WEST. The Master Association works closely with the three residential homeowners associations and The Club at PGA WEST to promote safe and secure neighborhoods within PGA WEST — and to promote orderly development within the community.

For more information on the residential homeowners associations and the Club:

Residential Association I (1,422 homes), 760-771-1234

Residential Association II (637 homes), 760-346-1161

Fairways (880 homes), 760-776-5100

The Club at PGA WEST, 760-564-7111

We have a management company that provides day-to-day operational and strategic support. They are The Management Trust, based in Palm Desert. They report directly to our Board, advise us on key issues, and prepare our financial reports. Click here to view our management team.

Articles of Incorporation: The Articles of Incorporation were prepared by the original developer at PGA WEST in 1985. They establish the entity of the PGA WEST Master Association.

CC&Rs: The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operation of the Master Association. They were recorded by the County recorder’s office and are included in the title to your property.

Bylaws: Bylaws are the guidelines for operating the Master Association. The Bylaws define the duties of the Board of Directors, the homeowner’s voting rights, required meetings and notices of meetings, and other specific items necessary to run the Master Association as a business. Unlike CC&Rs and Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws are not recorded or filed with any government agency.

Rules and Regulations: Rules and Regulations provide usage restrictions relating to alterations, signage, waste disposal, parking, pets, vehicular traffic and other concerns. The Rules and Regulations may add to the CC&Rs but must not be in conflict with them. Unlike CC&Rs and Articles of Incorporation, Rules and Regulations do not need to be filed or recorded with any governmental agency.

Annual Budget: The Master Association’s Annual Budget is a projection of the money needed to cover our yearly operating expenses and provide adequate reserves for repair and replacement of the property we maintain. We update our budget annually each fall for the following calendar year.

Audited Financial Statement: Each year, a Certified Public Account performs an extensive audit of the Master Association’s financial records and issues a statement as to their compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Reserve Study: In order to maintain and preserve market values of common area property, the Master Association develops funding plans for future repair or replacement of streets, fencing, walls, signs, landscaping, and much more. Our reserve study provides guidance on how much the Master Association should be putting aside each month for reserves so it can meet the future obligations described above without requiring special assessments.

All Board meetings are open to all PGA WEST homeowners, except for Executive Sessions held to discuss personnel, confidential or sensitive information. Regularly scheduled monthly meetings are shown on this website's Calendar, four days before the meeting, and a printed copy of the agenda is also available four days before each regularly scheduled Board meeting, at the Master Association's office at the Weiskopf Residential Gate: 56144 PGA Blvd. Notice of annual or other special meetings may also be sent by US Mail. Minutes of the Board meetings are posted on our website after they are approved, which generally occurs at the following monthly meeting.

Committee meetings are open to PGA WEST homeowners. Their meeting schedules can be found on the Calendar portion of our website, or on the Committee page on this website. The only exceptions are the Legal Affairs Committee, the Personnel Committee and the Compliance Committee; because of the sensitive or confidential nature of their discussions, their meetings are closed and minutes are not available. Minutes for other Committees are posted on our website after they are approved and signed by the Committee, and then accepted by the Board.

Call the PGA WEST Command Center: 760-564-5452.
You can also call the City of La Quinta Noise Hotline: 760-833-9050.

Property owners within PGA WEST are entitled to gate transponders for their vehicles, including golf carts. To obtain a gate transponder, contact the Master Association Transponder Administrator, Jesus Cruz: 760-564-6488. You can e-mail Jesus Cruz at:

Or, visit Jesus Cruz at the Nicklaus Residential Gate on PGA Boulevard Monday through Friday. 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

All PGA WEST homeowners can arrange for guests or vendors to enter PGA WEST gates. You can contact the gate officer, who will ask your name, address and PIN number (password) before granting your guest or vendor access. If you aren’t sure of your PIN, or don’t have one, contact the Command Center at : 760- 564-5452 or email

To make guest and vendor access more efficient, we strongly encourage you to use our new on-line system. It allows you to easily manage your visitors, and it helps keep our costs down.

Our on-line system is similar to the way members of the Club at PGA WEST make tee times, dining and event reservations, and access the member directory.

Click here to set up an on-line account for PGA WEST gate access. If you have questions, contact The Command Center, contact information is shown above.

Each homeowner pays a Master Association monthly assessment to cover the Association’s operating expenses. All PGA WEST homeowners pay their monthly assessments as part of their monthly residential association assessments; homeowners do not pay directly to the Master Association. The monthly assessment is set each Fall as part of our annual budgeting process. For 2016, each homeowner pays $78/month (with the exception of homeowners in the Greg Norman development, where homeowners pay $156/month).

You are entitled to a hearing before our Compliance Committee. You will receive a notice from the Master Association, by US Mail, with the citation and information about the hearing, if you request one. For additional questions, contact:

General Manager, Scott Randall,

Assistant General Manager, Ryan Hamilton,

Depending on the seriousness of the emergency, start by contacting our Command Center at 760-564-5452.

For emergencies, such as criminal activity in progress, personal injury accidents, fires or serious medical situations, call 911. In addition, contact the PGA WEST Command Center at 760-564-5452. Our patrol officers are trained in CPR and are equipped with AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators). You can also call the La Quinta Police Department: 760-863-8990, or 760-771-3220

For disturbances, suspicious activities, animal complaints or concerns about violations of our Rules and Regulations, contact the Command Center: 760-564-5454.

For utility issues, such as power outages, gas line leaks or interruptions, contact the appropriate utility company. For contact information, click here.

In case of an earthquake or other disaster, we’ve put together an Emergency Preparedness Checklist. Click here to view it.

The Master Association does not do work orders for PGA WEST homeowners. To submit a work order, contact your residential Homeowners Association:

Residential Association I, 760-771-1234

Residential Association II, 760-346-1161

Fairways, 760-776-5100

The Master Association does not provide trash pickup; that is handled by your residential Homeowners Association.

The Master Association does not handle homeowners’ architectural issues. If you want to make changes to your property that require an approval, contact your residential Homeowners Association.

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