Annual Budget Report
& Policy Statement

  • 2015 Annual Budget Report Cover Letter

    Each year, the Annual Budget Report is sent to all PGA WEST homeowners, no later than 30 days before the new fiscal year begins. Generally, the report is sent at the end of November. It includes a variety of documents to help homeowners assess the financial health of the Association.

  • 2015 Annual Policy Statement

    The Annual Policy Statement includes PGA WEST Master Association policies, such as meeting minutes, general notices, assessment and collection policy, and Association insurance. This policy statement is required by California Civil Code.

  • 2015 Budget Summary

    The Master Association's Annual Budget is a projection of the money needed to cover our yearly operating expenses and provide adequate reserves for repair and replacement of the property we maintain. We update our budget annually each fall for the following calendar year. This document is a summary of the detailed budget.

  • 2015 Reserve Study, Executive Summary

    In order to maintain and preserve market values of common area property, the Master Association contracts with a licensed Reserve Study Analyst to assist in developing funding plans for future repair or replacement of streets, fencing, walls, signs, landscaping, and much more. Our reserve study provides guidance on how much the Master Association should be setting aside each month for reserves so it can meet the future obligations described above without requiring special assessments.

  • 2014-15 Insurance Disclosure

    The Master Association Board contracts for insurance to protect against loss and liability on properties and buildings owned by the Association. In addition, the Board has insurance covering Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability, Cyber Liability, Employee Dishonesty, and Workers Compensation.

  • CC&Rs, 4th Amendment (Sept. 15, 2014)

    The 4th Amendment redefines the Master Association’s Compliance Committee, including its appointment, function and duties, due process, and combined rules. The Amendment also addresses future annexation within PGA WEST, as well as when assessments on properties in these new projects begin.

  • PGA WEST Collections Policy

    The Master Association has strictly defined policies and procedures for enforcing lien rights or other legal remedies for default in the payment of homeowner assessments.

  • Mandatory Assessment Disclosure Notice

    This notice outlines some of the rights and responsibilities of homeowners regarding assessments and foreclosure. It defines when Assessments become delinquent, describes the possible penalties for late payment of assessments, and explains the possible foreclosure processes for failure to pay Association assessments.

  • Summary of Provisions of Alternative Dispute and Internal Dispute Resolution Laws

    Current California Code provides a procedure for informal dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution. These dispute resolution laws are designed to resolve disputes between homeowners and the association. The laws also provide for dispute resolution between homeowners.

  • Certified Interest Development Manager, Disclosure Statement

    Business and professional codes provide for disclosure of certifications held by the Association Manager.

  • Three-Year Proxy (for Quorum Only)

    Homeowners may sign a proxy that is used to help establish a quorum at Master Association meetings. Signing a proxy authorizes the master Association's Board of Directors to represent you -- for purposes of establishing a quorum only, not for voting. Your proxy helps the Master Association avoid incurring additional expenses in mailing meeting materials. You may rescind the proxy by written notice, or by attendance at a Master Association meeting.

  • Violation and Fine Policy (Association Discipline Policy)

    The Master Association has community Rules and Regulations that govern conduct and homeowner responsibilities. When a violation occurs, policies in the Community Rules and Regulations describe fines and standard assessments.

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